As always your feedback about our products is much appreciated and very important to us.  We are very interested in hearing how you feel about the products we are making as well as any new ideas you may have.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the sign that you created for my family and me!! You took a few ideas that I had in mind and made such a wonderful piece of art!! The compliments about it just keep coming. Can’t wait to get some more items from you!!

  3. Ann Marie McHugh

    Ashley, I love the Baby dress, diaper panties, booties and hair band. I love the white with baby pink…. It is adorable!!!!!

  4. I purchased 4 elf hats and I absolutely luv them!!!

  5. I sent a photograph of a hat, originally intended for a small child, to see if I could get a custom order made. Not only were they more than happy to make the hat, It was completed in a timely manner, didn’t cost an arm and a leg and it is soooo warm and adorable. I would recommend them to anyone!!!!!

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