What is Bellaluna Eterna?

Bellaluna Eterna is a business that is owned and operated by a mother and daughter who have always worked well side by side, and are lucky to be the best of friends. There had been  discussion concerning a business, conceived as mutual idea that started as just a side project or hobby. We knew the name, because it memorializes a friend of ours who sadly passed away from AIDS in December of 2000, whom we had shared many special nights conversing about our dream’s under the full moon, to which he would always exclaim “Bellaluna” and the “Eterna” signifies that he will live on through us forever. He was one of the most creative,loving and kind people to ever cross our path, and he impacted our lives in such a positive manner, that we knew this was our way to dedicate something to such a special individual. In June of 2012 people started seeing the products that were being created, there was an even greater interest than we had imagined.  Local community events and craft fairs had been our original showcase as well as supportive friends. Although, more recently we have been seeing more interest develop through websites such as Facebook. We believe very strongly in shopping small and helping “mom and pop” stores stay alive. After all we were both raised in family business, and hope to have the opportunity to continue that tradition.


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